Logitech Circle 2 vs. Arlo Pro: Which should you buy?

If you want the complete package when it comes to security cameras, then the Arlo Pro is what you want. However, if you just want to have some security cameras around your house, and prefer to have a wider viewing angle but miss out on a few features for less price, then Circle 2 should be good enough.

Let's break it down

Out of these two security cameras, we think the Arlo Pro is the better option overall. The Arlo Pro is wireless by default, but it can be powered by a rechargeable battery or just with standard mini-USB. It even has the option to be charged up via solar energy, so you can just install the solar panel and it'll always be charged as long as there is sun outside.

If you have the Arlo Pro Base, then it can be used for local storage of your camera recordings in addition to the cloud storage, which keeps footage from the past 7 days. The Base Station is also required to activate the 100+ decibel siren, which can remotely scare off intruders before they commit any crime. This feature alone makes the Arlo Pro worth a purchase.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Arlo ProCircle 2
PowerWired or wireless, supports solar chargingWired or wireless
Video quality720p1080p when plugged in, 720p default
Field of view130°180°
Local storageWith Arlo Pro Base StationNo
Motion zonesNoYes (with subscription)
Person detectionNoYes (with subscription)
Mobile alertsYesYes
Maximum cameras15 cameras per BaseUnlimited (video quality may be affected)
Free cloud spaceLast 7 daysLast 24 hours
Amazon AlexaEcho ShowAll Echo devices
Subscription$9.99 monthly or $99.99 a year for Premier, $14.99 monthly or $149.99 a year for ElitePer camera, $3.99 a month for Basic or $9.99 a month for Premium
Google AssistantNoYes

Unfortunately, the Arlo Pro does not let users set up motion zones and there isn't person detection, so this is where the Circle 2 shines. With the Circle 2, you can highlight certain areas of the house, such as the front door or gates, and it will alert you whenever there is motion in those zones. The person detection helps the camera distinguish between people and pets, and the Circle 2 is pretty good about this.

The Circle 2 also has a wider range when it comes to viewing angles, and you can have an unlimited number of cameras, whereas the Arlo Pro has a limit of 15 per Base Station. However, the more cameras you have with the Circle 2, the more it may affect your video quality, since it's all done over Wi-Fi, with no option for local storage.

Both the Arlo Pro and Circle 2 can work without paying extra for a subscription. You'll have video recording and free cloud storage, though the Arlo Pro keeps 7 days worth of recording whereas the Circle 2 only keeps the last 24 hours. However, you get more features with their subscription plans, but Arlo Pro has a flat rate, while the Circle 2 sub charges per camera. This is also worth thinking about if you want to set up a bunch of cameras in your household.

Amazon Alexa works with both Arlo Pro and Circle 2, though the latter has wider compatibility. The Arlo Pro only works with Echo Show right now, whereas Circle 2 works with any Echo device you have. Google Assistant support is also coming to Circle 2, leaving Arlo Pro out in the cold.

After going through all of the options, we still prefer the Arlo Pro over the Circle 2. It has local storage with the Base Station, remote siren support to ward off intruders, fast security alerts, supports solar-powered charging, keeps more footage in the free cloud storage, and has a flat rate for the subscription if you choose to go that route.

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