Logitech Circle 2 vs. D-Link Omna 180: Which should you buy?

Comparing these two cameras largely comes down to purpose. If you want an extra set of eyes to make sure your pets haven't eaten the sofa or your children haven't overthrown the government, the Omna 180 will get the job done. However, if you want an actual security measure that can be positioned wherever you need it to protect, the Circle 2 runs rings around the competition.

One can see your living room, one can see everything

In some ways, these cameras are very similar. They have identical maximum video resolution and a frame rate at 1080p (the Circle 2 does have a lower resolution rate set as default, but this is easily altered in the app). Both cameras have built-in microphones and speakers for two-way communication. Both Logitech and D-Link have made a big deal about their 180-degree wide-angle lens, as many other models only have a range of 120 degrees. This means both cameras are able to cover most of a room or a large portion of a garden depending on where they are placed. However, this field of vision does come at the cost of some picture distortion in the center of the recordings. Another selling point they both want to cash in on is the lack of effort needed to set them up. Not including your preferred mount for the Circle 2, either camera can be activated using an app in minutes.

Both cameras tout 180-degree wide-angle lenses, but that's where the similarities end.

The Omna has minutely better infrared, claiming night vision up to 16 feet, against the Circle 2's oh-so-lowly 15 feet. The Circle 2's LED ring, which uses different colors to indicate different states of operation, can be turned off if required. The Omna displays a green light when active and two red lights when night vision is being used. These LEDs cannot be turned off, which could be a downside if you wished to disguise its presence from intruders.

Talking of intruders, let's discuss motion detection. Both have it, but it's a bit more interesting from the Circle 2's point of view. Its smart technology includes machine-learning Person Detection, customizable Smart Alerts, motion zones, and a Day Brief that gives you a time-lapse video of all motion detected. Unfortunately, most of its more impressive features are only available if you subscribe to the Circle Safe Premium package, which will also entitle you to 31 days of cloud storage instead of a mere 24 hours. If you use the free or basic subscriptions (basic increases 24 hours to 14 days), you'll still be well covered, but the Day Brief and Smart Alerts are simplified and less customizable.

Premium Subscription also allows you to use geofencing to stop notifications when you're at home, something the Omna is unable to match. Neither the Omna nor HomeKit support geofencing, which hinders you from creating some fun integrations such as only recording when you've left the house. Unfortunately, you cannot specify times for the Omna's motion detection to turn on aside from either always on or only on after sunset. Workarounds could be possible using additional devices, but not with the camera alone.

HomeKit, for example, can use motion detection to trigger other interactions like lights or smart plugs. It can also be modified for sensitivity, a re-trigger delay can be added, and motion zones can be specified. However, they can only be selected from a grid layout of the feed, whereas for the Circle 2, you can specify a custom shape and location for your motion zones to match the exact area you want to monitor. A few users have had issues connecting the Circle 2 to HomeKit, so if your setup is very reliant on HomeKit integrations, you may find the Omna suits your personal needs the best.

The Circle 2 has a few additional specs that the Omna doesn't offer, like digital zoom, 360-dgree camera rotation, operating temperatures of -20 - 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and a choice between a wired or wire-free model. Accessories available also mean the Circle 2 can be mounted on any wall, ceiling, window, metal surface, plug socket, or anywhere else you may need it. The operating temperatures and weatherproofing mean it can be used indoors or outdoors, and this versatility really gives it an edge over the not-at-all-weatherproof Omna.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Circle 2Omna 180
DimensionsWithout Mount: 71 x 71 x 31.9 mm132.08 x 58.42 x 58.42 x 132.08 mm
WeightWithout Mount: 84g231.05g
Video Resolution1080p (720p as default)1080p
Frame Rate30 fps30 fps
ZoomDigital zoomNo
Lens and FOVUp to 180° expansive fov (multiple options available via the app with recommendations based on mount attachment)180° wide-angle lens
Night VisionUp to 15ftUp to 16ft
Camera Rotation360°N/A
Operating Temperatures-20° C to 50° C0° C to 40° C
Motion DetectionYesYes
Video StorageCloud Storage (depending on subscription between 24 hours, 14 days and 31 day) – unlimited streaming and downloads includedMicroSD card – supports up to 128 GB (microSD not included with camera)
Security ProtocolsSSLWPA/WPA2-PSK
Compatible withHomekit, Google Assistant, AlexaHomekit, Google Assistant, Alexa
Connectivity802.11 a/b/g/n WIFi 2.4GHz or 5.0 GHz802.11 n/g 2.4GHz or 5.0 GHz
Apps AvailableLogi Circle (iOS and Android)OMNA (iOS and Android)
WirelessWire-Free Model availableNo
Price$180 from Logitech$130 from the Apple Store

The Omna does well sitting on a shelf observing a room, as long as no objects are too close to damage its field of vision. It's about as versatile as a paperweight, with a chunky size and design that make it hard to mistake for anything other than a camera. This could be thought of as a good deterrence until you consider how the recordings are stored.

The camera only records when it senses movement, taking 20-second clips paced between 30 seconds to 5 minutes based on your preferences. These are saved onto an SD card, and while you can view the clips in your app, you can't download the footage onto your device from the app alone. Some customers like the lack of cloud storage since it makes footage harder to hack, but if the device is damaged or stolen there's no way to recover the recordings.

The Circle 2's smaller shape and choice of mounts allow it to be located out of easy reach, and its cloud storage means even if it's damaged in a break-in, the footage is safe. Unlimited downloads and streaming are available with all Circle Safe subscriptions, and as mentioned earlier, the length of time your footage is stored will depend on your package. The Circle 2 uses SSL to protect your data. There's also a privacy mode that continues to live stream, but won't record or send any notifications. The minimalist and sleek design also makes it easy to blend to any background in style.

The Omna does well sitting on a shelf, but the Circle 2 can be mounted just about anywhere.

The Omna has come to this battle with a couple of major disadvantages. The lack of cloud storage takes away its usefulness as a security feature. If an intruder breaks or walks off with the camera, you might as well have had a ceramic vase in its place. The Circle 2 has your back even if it's taken out of action. The accessories and wire-free alternative give you so much freedom. Need one outside? There's a weatherproof extension cable. Does the top of your fridge offer a great vantage point? There's a magnetic mount too.

Of course, as with the other fun bits of its technology, these additional mounts come at an additional cost, which is the biggest drawback of the Circle 2. Buying the camera alone won't unlock its full capability. The promised customizable Smart Alerts are only yours if you pay for a monthly or annual Circle Safe Premium Subscription. This offers longer cloud storage, but it will set you back. For one camera it's $10 a month or $100 a year. If you've decided to attach cameras to all your windows, there's a Home Plan package for up to five cameras at $18 a month or $180 a year, so you'll be cutting the cost per camera.

Really, it is all about your personal needs. If you just want to watch what your pets get up to when you're not around, the D-Link Omna 180 is a great option. If you're willing to invest in a security measure that will give you eyes wherever you need them to be, the Circle 2 is the better choice by far.

Alice Thomas