Logitech unveils the Circle View HomeKit Secure Video-enabled camera

Logitech Circle View Camera on a shelf
Logitech Circle View Camera on a shelf (Image credit: Logitech)

What you need to know

  • Logitech has unveiled its latest connected camera, the Circle View.
  • New camera supports both HomeKit and HomeKit Secure Video.
  • Circle View camera is available now for $159.

Logitech has announced a successor to its popular Circle 2 Camera today, the Circle View. The Logitech Circle View camera, which is available for purchase now, sports a new all-black matte design, TrueView imagery, and support for Apple's HomeKit Secure Video.

Get secure video you can trust with the Circle View Apple HomeKit-enabled security camera - built with the best-in-class Logitech TrueViewTM video experience, enhanced privacy features, and a design that's crafted for your home.

Logitech's wired camera features 1080p full HD resolution with wide dynamic range and an 180 degree field of view. The Circle View includes 2 infrared LEDs for night vision that is listed as covering a distance of up to 15 feet.

This time around, the Circle View is only available in a wired option, which utilizes a 10 foot USB cable for power. The camera connects directly to home networks via 2.4ghz Wi-Fi, and does not require a dedicated hub. Remote access is provided through an active HomeKit hub, such as an Apple TV, HomePod, or iPad. There is also no dedicated app for the camera, with set up and controls being available exclusively through Apple's Home app.

  • Crafted for the home, Circle View features a stunning design with premium details, including a metal base, matte finish, and a power cable that blends seamlessly with any space. With its weatherproof body and included wall-mounting bracket, you can mount Circle View for a complete home security solution.
  • Logitech TrueView™ difference where carefully crafted glass optics and a high-end sensor come together to provide razor sharp 1080p HD video, an ultra-wide 180° diagonal field-of-view, crystal clear contrast with wide dynamic range, and enhanced infrared night vision capability up to 15 ft away.
  • Designed with privacy and security in mind, Circle View's innovative design allows you to tilt the camera down for quick privacy, or press the button on the rear of the camera to disable streaming and recording entirely. Apple HomeKit Secure Video provides end-to-end encryption, with in-home video analysis that runs on your home hub device.

The camera has an IP64 weather resistance rating, and can be wall mounted both indoors and out with the included hardware. Unlike the Circle 2 camera, it appears that the new offering does not have accessory mounts like a window or plug option.

HomeKit Secure Video support utilizes Apple's Home app and iCloud for image analyzation and storage. Videos captured are end-to-end encrypted, and local in-home video analysis is performed by a HomeKit hub to determine the type of activity happening and to filter out notifications for cars or animals.

In addition to the privacy-centric HomeKit Secure Video, the Circle View has hardware privacy controls on-board. Around the back of the camera is a camera power button that "immediately cuts off both audio and video", and the camera can simply be titled downward to obscure its view.

The Circle View camera is available now for $159 directly from Logitech, as well as through Apple.com. Stay tuned for a full hands-on review of the Circle View which is coming soon.

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