Logitech Harmony Companion vs. Logitech Harmony Smart Control: Which should you buy?

If you want a universal remote that will control both your entertainment setup and your smart home devices, both the Harmony Companion and Harmony Smart Control would be good fits for you. The Smart Control might be a few years older, but it's cheaper, with most of the same features as the Harmony Companion.

A matter of control

Truth be told, these are very similar remotes. They connect to the same Harmony Hub, both control different smart home appliances like Philips Hue lights, and both use coin-style batteries that should last around a year. The biggest difference is that the Harmony Companion is a newer device than the Smart Control, so if you're concerned about ongoing support, that's something to consider. Otherwise, you should be just fine with the Harmony Smart Control.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Logitech Harmony CompanionLogitech Harmony Smart Control
Battery LifeOne yearOne Year
Smartphone setupYesYes
Dedicated Smart home buttonsYesNo
AlexaYes (with Hub)Yes (with Hub)
Google AssistantYes (with Hub)Yes (with Hub)
Hub IncludedYesYes

Unless you're really worried about its age, I'd recommend that you pick up the Logitech Harmony Smart Control. It offers most of the same functionality as the Companion at a lower price.

While the Harmony Companion does have the smart home control buttons, their functionality is limited to more simple actions, like turning on lights or locking and unlocking doors. For instance, while you can use the buttons to control, say, your Philips Hue lights, they won't allow you to set scenes. The '+' and '-' home control buttons are for brightening and dimming lights.

The saving grace here is really that the list of Harmony-enabled smart home products is continually expanding. However, the biggest material advantage that the Companion has other than "newness" over the Smart Control can turn into something frustrating for the Harmony Companion, as it might not expand smart home functionality as much as you might hope.

Those frustrations aside (and keep in mind, we're talking about six out of 43 buttons here), the Companion is still a great device. Both it and the Harmony Smart Control are excellent remotes, you just won't get much more for the additional price out of the Harmony Companion compared to the Harmony Smart Control.

Joseph Keller

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