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What you need to know

  • LA metro's TAP Card now supports Apple Pay Express Transit.
  • People can now pay for transit without having to deal with cards and whatnot.
  • Those with iPhones and iPads won't even need to authenticate, either.

Another city can take advantage of Apple Pay Express Transit after Los Angeles metro's TAP Card added support today. While the new feature hasn't yet been officially announced, MacRumors spotted that Apple's Express Pay support document has been updated to include LA.

Adding Apple Pay support is already great, but the addition of Express Transit makes a big difference. Not only can users now pay with an iPhone or Apple Watch, but they won't even need the device to be powered on at the time. So long as Express Transit has been set up, payments can continue to be made even when a device's battery has given up.

If you aren't using Express Transit mode, you need to authenticate your ride purchase at the transit terminal or gate with Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode. Here are some additional countries and regions where you can pay for transit with a payment card in Wallet on your iPhone and Apple Watch if you aren't using Express Transit mode:

LA is the latest city to get into Express Transit, with London, Washington DC, and more already online.

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