Mac Pro and its packaging spotted on Ivanka Trump's Instagram

Ivanka Trump Mac Pro
Ivanka Trump Mac Pro (Image credit: AppleInsider)

What you need to know

  • The packaging for the Mac Pro has been spotted on Invaka Trump's Instagram.
  • Ivanka accompanied her father, President Trump on his tour of Apple's manufacturing facility in Austin, Texas.
  • The Mac Pro is due to be released in December.

Amidst an internet riot surrounding President Trump's visit to Apple's Mac Pro Manufacturing facility, and his subsequent claim that he had "opened" the plant, it seems the star of the show, the Mac Pro, actually missed out altogether.

That was, however until a Mac Pro fully packaged turned up on Ivanka Trump's Instagram. Pictured above in all its glory, the photo was accompanied by the caption:

"Introducing @Apple NEW Mac Pro! Proudly Made in the USA!"

Apple previously announced that the Mac Pro, along with the Pro Display XDR would be available for purchase in December of this year. Whilst we know nearly every detail about the Mac Pro, this is the first glimpse we've seen of its packaging.

Arguably the least exciting part of any product, it is still the final piece of the puzzle. Apple has teams in Cupertino dedicated to the unboxing experience of its products, and no doubt work has gone into this one too.

A video posted to President Trump's Twitter gave a close up of some internal parts, as well as a more detailed look at the packaging.

As mentioned, the visit, which was supposed to highlight Apple's endeavours to bring better manufacturing opportunities to U.S. shores, was overshadowed somewhat after President Trump erroneously claimed that he had "opened" the plant, despite the fact Apple has been manufacturing the Mac Pro their since 2013.

Invaka Trump isn't the first big name to leak the Mac Pro via Instagram mind you, earlier this month global international DJ and Producer Calvin Harris accidentally leaked footage of a Mac Pro on the floor of his music studio, whilst previewing snippets of a new track he was working on in his Instagram story.

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