This Mac Pro with RGB lights should never have seen the light of day

Mac Pro Rgb
Mac Pro Rgb (Image credit: Quinn Nelson)

What you need to know

  • Quinn Nelson has put RGB lights in a Mac Pro.
  • We really wish he hadn't.
  • It started as a proof of concept, but now he's trying "to make it look less awful."

Twitterer and Youtuber Quinn Nelson has put RGB lights inside a Mac Pro chassis, and we really don't know what to think anymore.

Nelson took to Twitter yesterday, March 23 saying:

As a proof of concept, it works. Now I need to make it look less awful.

He was talking about the RGB light strip he's just added to his Mac Pro chassis. An accompanying video saw the Mac Pro's chassis lit up in all sorts of garish, fluorescent colors.

Another closeup shot of the Mac Pro's front (pictured) was accompanied with the line "Admit it. It has the potential to look cool." Nelson further stated that the design looked "pretty clean", asking "You think Jony Ive would like this?" I think we can all agree the answer would be no.

In fairness, Nelson did admit "I need to make it look less awful", so clearly he understands that there is some work to be done. Or perhaps, he knows deep down that this is a totally futile exercise that he should never have done in the first place. Apple is, of course, renowned for its clean, crisp aluminum surfaces, polished edges, lines, and curves. No one can be in any doubt that Apple's design ethos was never meant to cross paths with the world of RGB lights and gaming.

Yet Nelson seems to be hellbent on his quest to properly adapt his Mac Pro to RBG lighting, posting a photo of him taking a Mac Pro to task with heavy cutting machinery earlier today.

It's enough to turn the stomach really. Quinn, we really hope you know what you're doing.

Stephen Warwick
News Editor

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