New iMac (2023): Everything you need to know

USB-C and Thunderbolt port s on back of blue iMac (2021)
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Recent news has revealed that Apple is production testing a brand new iMac for 2023 to replace the M1 iMac launched in 2021. All signs indicate this will be a simple chip upgrade, with no major design changes to speak of. In fact, there are even rumors that Apple will roll out the same colors as last time. 

So what can we expect from a new iMac, and when can we expect it? Here’s everything we know so far. 

New iMac: Release date rumors


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According to Mark Gurman, writing in March, the new iMac is not expected to go into mass production “for at least three months”, suggesting a mass production target date of June and WWDC 2023. However, Gurman claims these iMacs “won’t ship until the second half of the year.” That would suggest that we can expect a new iMac perhaps around the same time as the iPhone 15, or more likely at a fall event later in the year where Apple has traditionally unveiled new Macs. 

New iMac: Price

24-inch iMac in blue

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Apple’s current 24-inch M1 iMac starts at $1,299 for the base model M1 with 256GB of storage, an 8-Core CPU, and a 7-Core GPU. Given that this iMac is expected to be nothing more than a processor update, it would be very surprising if the new iMac is more expensive. Prices, of course, increase accordingly as you as upgrades and customization options. Boosting unified memory to 16GB currently costs $200, as does each rung of SSD storage save the 2TB option which is $600. Otherwise, due to the unified nature of the Apple silicon chip, customization options are limited compared to previous intel models. 

New iMac: Screen size and display

iMac 2021 with microphone

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The new iMac is going to be the same 24-inch model as the previous one, according to Mark Gurman. The iMac offers a 23.5-inch display with a 4.5k Retina resolution of 4480-by-2520 resolution at 218 pixels per inch with support for 1 billion colors. There are no indications suggesting Apple will change the display on the new iMac, but there’s plenty of time for rumors to surface in this regard. 

New iMac: Processor

Rear of a blue 2021 iMac

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The headline of Apple’s new iMac will be a brand new M3 processor, which is expected to utilize the 3nm building process to offer impressive gains over M2 and the M1 chip in the current model. The M3 should be around 15% faster than the M2 model, which offered similar gains over the M1, at the same sort of power draw. The M3 also offers efficiency gains, using 30% less power at the same speeds as M2. 

This will help with the iMac's already impressive cooling and thermal performance, potentially allowing it to be fanless again. Obviously, one of the main advantages of Apple Silicon, the improved battery life it offers MacBooks, will be null and void here for obvious reasons. This will be transferred to power efficiency instead, so expect the new iMac to use less power from the socket, or, more likely, to deliver more performance using the same amount of power.

New iMac: Design and colors

iMac (2021)

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According to Mark Gurman, the new iMac will feature “some behind-the-scenes changes” including relocated and redesigned internal components, as well as a new manufacturing process for attaching the iMac’s stand. However, this won’t have any impact on the outer form factor, which is shaping up to be broadly similar to the current model. That means a similar footprint of less than 6 inches in depth, 21.5 inches in length, and 18.1 inches in height, with a uniform body thickness of just 11.5mm. 

In fact, Gurman says Apple is even testing the same color palette as the current model of blue, green, pink, silver, yellow, orange, and purple.

New iMac: Other features

If upgrades are in short supply, we can expect the same 1080p FaceTime camera, and options of storage up to 2TB. Apple’s M2 chip also offers up to 24Gb of unified memory, so we would expect similar options in RAM here or perhaps even another jump like M2 delivered. 

The new iMac is also likely to include the same level of connectivity, so either two Thunderbolt 3 / USB 4 ports, or an extra two USB 3 ports, along with a 3.5 mm headphone jackal and Gigabit Ethernet. The current iMac offers support for up to one external display at 6K and 60Hz, however, M2 allows for 8K displays or 120Hz at lower resolutions, so we could see an improvement here. 

Will Apple release a new iMac in 2023?

According to reports, Apple will upgrade the iMac in 2023 with a new M3 processor, but will keep the same chassis, design, and colors. 

Will there be a new 27-inch iMac this year?

According to reports, Apple will upgrade the iMac in 2023 with a new M3 processor, but will keep the same chassis, design, and colors. 

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