MacBook could get an old, beloved design feature back

MacBook Air in leaves
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It seems that Apple might be looking to return the glowing Apple logo on the back of its MacBooks.

A patent filed by Apple in May 2022 found by Patently Apple describes using "electronic devices with backlit partial mirror structures." As always is the case with patents, the wording is somewhat cryptic, but what is clear is this isn't the same method used in older MacBooks to light up the logo. 

The patent goes on to describe that the Apple logo could be made out of a mirror-like material that would be reflective — much like the current Apple logo on its best MacBooks — and allow some light to shine through.

"The mirror may give the logo or other structures a shiny appearance while blocking interior components from view. At the same time, the partial transparency of the mirror allows backlight illumination from within the device to pass through the mirror."

Patently Apple also pointed out that three of the engineers listed in the patent didn't work for Apple until 2018, which is a few short years after the light-up logo disappeared from MacBooks entirely. 

What was once old is now new

Apple has always been a big fan of its own logo, and the insignia has been prominently featured on every MacBook it's sold for many years. However, in 2015 they stopped illuminating the logo in favor of newer and thinner designs.

We know from experience that patents often can mean nothing in terms of predicting future products or features — Apple patents a lot of things that never see the light of day — this wouldn't be the first old MacBook feature to come back if this patent turns out to be true. It was only just recently that Apple revived the MagSafe on its MacBooks, a feature that had been gone for several years. Heck, even the iPhone got back the battery percentage feature after the iPhone X's design forced it to go away. 

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