MacBundler founder responds to accusations of withholding payment from developers

The founder of MacBundler, Dan Kingsley, has responded to accusations that his company was not paying developers participating in its bundle offerings of OS X software, claiming that all partner developers have paid in full. Kingsley claims that the source a of the trouble is a fraudulent bundle on, the issues with which he claims have been rectified.

However, according to MacNN, the issues with MacBundler go all the way back to 2014:

Kingsley repeated to us in an email to us this morning that "The one and only Mightyloots bundle that was run last year has its screenshot attached." No screenshot was attached, and we've emailed back to get this attachment. He added that "unfortunately, it is the source of the current misunderstanding. Apps involved are: Rottenwood, Airy, Time Tracker, Habits, Bracketeer, VideoGet, UninstallPKG, TubeDisco, MacGourmet 4, WhatsApp Pocket."While there is some overlap in the list here, and some of the developers that have contacted us about not having gotten paid, there are other developers not included in that bundle claiming the same. One developer took to Twitter to say that he knew problems existed since April of 2014.

That developer, Mark Munz, says that after participating in a MacBundler promotion in April 2014, he did not receive payment, and was not contacted by MacBundler regarding any possible issues.

On the other hand, there are some developers who claim to have contacted MacBundler about these issues, though Kingsley says that he hasn't heard from many of them. Even when Kingsley has spoken to developers, it seems that issues still remain, as in the case of Corecode developer Julian Mayer:

However, on April 1, Mayer from Corecode confirmed to us that the differences between him and the MacBundler/BundleCult staff had yet to be worked out. We've also emailed Mayer this morning about Kingsley's statement, and he told us in response that "no he didn't pay and nothing is worked out."

Similar accusations have also been leveled against BundleCult, which supposedly distributed at least one game without an agreement with the developer, while also being accused of withholding payments.

Joseph Keller

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