What you need to know

  • MacStories has released 300 custom icons for Shortcuts.
  • The icons can be installed using Shortcuts' native ionstallation feature.
  • Every icon was designed with a custom Shortcut in mind.

MacStories has unveiled a collection of 300 custom icons for Apple's new Shortcuts app, found in iOS and iPadOS 13.1. The icons have been specifically designed, each to correspond with a potential shortcut that you might use within the new app. The icons maintain the original colors of your shortcuts, but allow you to customise the icons to give you even more customisation options for your home screen to make it unique and personal to you.

The Icons can be installed directly to your Shortcuts app if you're using iOS/iPadOS 13.1, and they cover several different categories including documents, clipboard, media and tack management. The collection is available to be purchased now for $14.99. They were designed by a collaboration of MacStories Pixel, designer Silvia Gatta, and Federico Viticci. The icons represent every single shortcut from the MacStories Shortcuts archive, but also draw inspiration from popular shortcuts found on Reddit and other websites shared by the community.

Here's a full preview of all the icons avaialable below!