MacThemes is a new program lets you customize your Mac icons

The Dock on Mac
The Dock on Mac (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • MacThemes is a new program that lets you customize the icons of your Mac.
  • Using terminal commands, you can change up the icons to a themse that you find more stylish.
  • There is even an app in the works to make the process even easier.

Customizing your Mac icons is now possible. A new program called MacThemes makes it super easy to install themes on your Mac changing up the icons to something that is more of your style.

Here's how it works:

The project is known as MacThemes/MTInstaller and it allows you to theme your MacOS Icons (and more eventually…) on every OSX version. It's a really simple process and I've also developed a platform for people to find and share themes.To install your themes you can head to this link and see how to get started with my tools. You can also download themes from here which will be installable with my program, mti-cli. If you want to make a theme it's really simple as all you have to do is make a .bundle with all the images for each application you want to theme. There are currently only 3 themes up on the MacThemse site but they are super clean and very well made and there are more currently in the works!

So far there are only three themse available (which you can see above), but more are on the way.

MacThemes also has a native app that will work directly within macOS. Currently, you have to use the terminal commands to change up the themes. The MTInstaller app will arrive in a few days.

The entire project is open-source and is available on GitHub if you wan to check out the source code.

We should note that the program does give a warning that your computer could be put in security risk because it disables the SIP and needs root write access. If you are up to taking that risk, this seems like a great way to change up your Mac.

Danny Zepeda