Apple's iPhone Configuration Utility went to 2.0 just after the iPhone itself hit OS 3.0. The iCU is intended to allow system administrators to set up iPhones for use in the corporate environments, namely by creating, maintaining, and distributing configuration files for enterprise devices.

Macworld took a look at the new version and while they like the no hassle upgrade from 1.0, new vertical feature setup, LDAP, CalDAV, and SCEP support, the ability to prevent profiles from being removed by the user, restrictions (like parental controls) including locking out the cameras, and the ability to push out profiles via SCEP, they weren't as thrilled with the lack of SCEP documentation, and limited LDAP support.

Check out the full article for details and if you're using iCU 2.0, let us know how it's working for your enterprise.