How to make coffee like a pro with the AeroPress Timer app

There's only one way to improve upon the perfection that is a cup of AeroPress coffee: tweaking the recipe! With the AeroPress Timer app, you get 27 recipes and step-by-step timers to help you brew delicious and diverse cups of coffee.

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AeroPress Timer taught me how to AeroPress

I'll be honest, when I first heard I absolutely needed to have an AeroPress I rushed out and bought one (aka, logged on to Amazon and two-day delivered it to my house). I tore apart the box as soon as it arrived and found very little documentation on how, exactly, I was supposed to brew a cup of coffee with it. What did the numbers mean? How many scoops do I shovel in? How coarse should the grind be?

AeroPress Brewing Kit

I needed help figuring things out, and the AeroPress Timer app from Beloved Robot, LLC was just what the caffeine ordered. Listen up, folks: If you buy an AeroPress or give one as a gift, get this app. No, seriously, go download it. Alongside the recipes and timers (we'll get to that soon), you'll find Brewing Tips that explain everything you need to know about AeroPress brewing. It immediately cleared up any confusion I had about the contraption.

It all starts with AeroPress

If you're going to be trying out the AeroPress Timer app, you're gonna need to snag yourself an AeroPress.

The brewing process takes some getting used to, but trust me; this device brews a damn good cup of joe. Once you've tasted the sweet nectar that is AeroPress coffee, you'll be tossing out your drip coffee machine and pricing conical burr grinders.

Being fussy about your coffee can get a little silly and a lot expensive if you're not careful, but take it from someone who's spent too much money on fussy coffee supplies: It was totally worth it.

It's a caffeinated world. Good luck out there, friend.

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AeroPress Timer App

The AeroPress Timer app features four recipe categories with 27 unique recipes. There are recipes for brewing two cups of coffee, recipes for brewing based on roaster guidelines (Blue Bottle, for example, has its own AeroPress recipe), recipes for brewing like the world's best AeroPress baristas (no, seriously — there's a World AeroPress Championship), and more.

Using the app couldn't be simpler; the hard part is choosing a recipe to try:

  1. Tap on a recipe category.
  2. Tap on a recipe.
  3. Read the recipe parameters (amount of coffee, grind, amount of water, etc.).
  4. Tap Start Timer.
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts!

Tip: You can tap and drag down on the recipe parameters to get a quick peek at the step-by-step timers.

Awesome, right?

If you like good coffee and you want to take your AeroPressing to the next level, it's time you get the AeroPress Timer app.

Mikah Sargent

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