Manual Camera 3 makes shooting RAW and manually easier than ever

While the default Camera app is great for capturing quick snapshots, sometimes you want a more robust camera replacement app that is capable of DSLR-like manual control. Say hello to Manual - Raw Camera, which has now been updated to 3.0.

When Manual first came out about five years ago, it was one of the best third-party manual camera apps out there. It featured a simple and clean interface that was easy and intuitive to use but still packed in a ton of options for getting the perfect shot. And you can even shoot in RAW format.

What's new in Manual 3

Manual RAW Camera 3.0

In Manual 3, it features a new redesign that was built from the ground up. It still has a minimalistic interface, but rather than tapping and then selecting your ISO or shutter speed from a popover window, you can now just hold down and slide up or down to get your preferred ISO and shutter speed. All changes are also reflected in real-time, so you can see how it impacts the capture immediately, rather than go through them one-by-one.

The EV exposure bracketing is also easier to access than before. It's now on the right edge of the viewfinder, and you simply touch and drag it up or down to get more or less exposure.

For devices that support Portrait Mode, there is now depth capture for portrait effects, though you'll need to utilize the depth editor in Photos. Other new features in Manual 3 include the option to share or fave right from the photo viewer, and a new level with a spirit bubble for those straight up/down shots.

A great and powerful manual camera app

I love using my iPhone to take photos, though it's mostly quick snaps that I don't want to escape. However, when I am looking to do something particularly artsy, I always turn to a camera app with manual capabilities like Manual to get the most control over the outcome of my photo.

I've used Manual in the past when it first came out and loved it, and this update makes it even better. It's much easier and more intuitive to change up the ISO, exposure, and shutter speed quickly, and there are some nice additions overall for depth capture.

Manual 3 is a free update to existing users. If you haven't tried Manual yet, it's available on the App Store for $4, and it's a one-and-done deal. The developers are taking tips through in-app purchases to support the continued development of the app.

$4 - Download Now

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