Mario Kart Tour downloaded 123 million times in its first month

What you need to know

  • Mario Kart Tour has been downloaded 123.9 million times in its first month.
  • It has generated $37.4 million since release.
  • The launch success puts it well ahead of Super Mario Run, but it's not quite as popular as Pokémon GO.

New data from Sensor Tower has revealed that Nintendo's Mario Kart Tour has been downloaded 123.9 million times on iOS and Android.

According to the report:

The racing app is Nintendo's most successful mobile game launch by downloads so far, eclipsing Super Mario Run's 21.8 million downloads more than five times over. In terms of revenue, Mario Kart Tour comes in at second place, losing out only to the $67.6 million grossed during Fire Emblem Heroes' launch month. Mario Kart Tour is faring less well in terms of revenue per download, with an average of $0.26 spent per player — a slight improvement over Dr. Mario World's $0.19 per player, while Dragalia Lost's impressive $16.50 per player in its first month has yet to be beat.

Mario Kart Tour first month

(Image credit: Sensor Tower)

The data shows that Mario Kart Tour is proving immensely popular with iOS and Android users. Whilst it may not have quite matched Pokémon GO in terms of popularity (downloaded 163 million times in its first month), this can certainly be chalked down as a successful launch. No doubt, Nintendos' decision to provide fortnightly content updates is drawing in users and keeping them engaged. Whilst the average spend per player is only 26 cents, generating $37.4 million in one month is also not to be sniffed at.

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