Mario Strikers: Battle League tier list — Stats and best character to play as

Mario Strikers Battle League Characters Together
Mario Strikers Battle League Characters Together (Image credit: iMore)

Nothing is quite as satisfying as sinking a goal in a competitive sport. However, when it comes to Mario Strikers: Battle League, the character you choose will determine your stats and abilities. So, you'll want to make sure you choose a character that works with your specific play style. Some playable characters are inherently easier for beginners to handle while others take more skill to master, but can really pay off if you use them right. In addition to an overall tier list, we'll go over each character's stats, their Hyper Strike move, and their play styles.

Mario Strikers: Battle League tier list & play types

Mario Strikes Battle League All Characters (Image credit: Nintendo)

Each character in Mario Strikers: Battle League handles a bit differently, but some are easier to use than others. Boom Boom is not on this list because he is not a playable character. Remember, you can increase any character's stats with equipable gear.

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SRosalina, Bowser
APrincess Peach, Mario
BWaluigi, Wario, Donkey Kong, Yoshi
CLuigi, Toad

Character stats and what they mean

Mario Strikers Battle League Characters (Image credit: Nintendo)

The stats of each playable character center around five different attributes: Strength, Speed, Shooting, Passing, and Technique. This is what these stats mean for you.

  • Strength: The higher this is, the more powerful the characters tackle as well as their resistance to being tackled.
  • Speed: A higher number denotes that the character will move faster.
  • Shooting: The higher this number, the faster and more powerful a character's shots are.
  • Passing: Characters with higher passing can pass further and at a faster speed.
  • Technique: In addition to determining a character's shot accuracy, the higher this number is the easier it is to perform Hyper Strikes accurately.

Pro tip: Some players find it easier to participate in competitive games while using a more traditional Switch controller as opposed to the small Joy-Cons. They tend to have a better handhold, bigger buttons, and larger joysticks for fast responses. You might want to consider getting a larger controller if you don't already have one.

Mario stats - A Rank

Mario Strikers Battle League Characters Mario (Image credit: iMore)

Mario is by far the most balanced character you can choose, making him the perfect choice for beginners. He's got good handling, decent speed, and it's easier to land his Hyper Strike successfully than some other characters. Anyone who uses him will want to focus on shooting and performing Hyper Strikes.

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Play typeAll-Rounder: Great at shooting at the goal and performing Hyper Strikes. Balanced stats all around for easy control.
Hyper StrikeFire Cyclone: Mario performs a fiery bicycle kick to launch the ball at the goal. Any opponents in the path of the ball will be burned.

Luigi stats - C Rank

Mario Strikers Battle League Characters Luigi (Image credit: iMore)

Luigi's greatest strength is his shot accuracy and ability to land Hyper Strikes more easily than many other characters. I love Luigi, but he's slow and doesn't have a lot of power when shooting, which makes him harder to use, so you might want to avoid him. If you do play as Luigi, note that he works best when used to attack a goal with a buddy.

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Play typePassing buddy: Great at passing to others and performing Hyper Strikes, but his other low stats make him hard to use effectively.
Hyper StrikeSpin Tornado: Luigi's powerful kick creates a spinning gale that sucks in any player in its path. Those it touches are stunned temporarily.

Princess Peach stats - S Rank

Mario Strikers Battle League Characters Princess Peach (Image credit: iMore)

After all of these years of getting kidnapped by Bowser, it seems our princess has learned to move quickly to avoid his clutches. Her speed allows her to quickly traverse the field and get in the way of an opponent. She can easily get tackled, but if you effectively dodge around opponents you can use her ability to steal the ball and get your team on track. When scoring, try to use her Hyper Strike to stun Boom Boom and then take another shot to sink a goal.

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Play typeSpeed: More often can get to the ball before other characters and is great at shooting at the goal.
Hyper StrikeDance of Hearts: Peach's kick launches the ball into a heart-shaped arch before it heads to the goal. Anyone it touches is charmed and remains stunned for a short time.

Toad stats - C Rank

Mario Strikers Battle League Characters Toad (Image credit: iMore)

Toad is so much of a team player that he's hard to handle on his own. You'll really need to communicate with friends and pass often to get the most out of him since he's more of a supporting character. That being the case, he's not a good choice for many players as he's harder to handle effectively.

  • Toads everywhere!: Toad is one of the few characters there can be multiple of on any given team.
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Play typeSpeed: More often can get to the ball before other characters and is a great team player when it comes to passing.
Hyper StrikeDrill Smash: Toad headbutts the ball so hard that it burrows underground and then shoots out at the goal. Anyone hit by the traveling ball is stunned and cannot move for a while.

Bowser stats - B Rank

Mario Strikers Battle League Characters Bowser (Image credit: iMore)

With his strong strength and shooting abilities, Bowser is perfect for tackling opponents and launching the ball at the enemy's goal. He doesn't move fast, which can make him miss out on using his skills. That can be frustrating for players to say the least. However, if you prefer might over speed then he'll be a great pick. Use him as a last line of defense for your goal or have him wait at the enemy goal to receive a pass and score.

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Play typePhysical: Ideal for players who want to play aggressively and don't mind giving up some speed in order to gain power.
Hyper StrikeFlame Cannon: The Koopa King picks up the ball and lights it on fire before launching it at the goal. Anyone hit by the fiery ball will get burned and will run around the field for a short time.

Donkey Kong stats - S Rank

Mario Strikers Battle League Characters Donkey Kong (Image credit: iMore)

What he lacks in speed and technique this ape makes up for in strength and passing abilities. He's just the sort of last defense you'll want hanging around your goal but he's also excellent at leading the charge. Use his Hyper Strike to knock back opponents and then try to score again while everyone is stunned.

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Play typeDefense & Offense: The perfect wingman, Donkey Kong is excellent at passing and tackling, making him a great defender or offensive character. Use his power to smash into enemies and then steal the ball and launch it up the field at a teammate.
Hyper StrikeBanana Blast: Donkey Kong eats a banana and then hits the ball in such a way that it travels in a banana shape before reaching the goal. Any opponents hit by the ball are pushed backward.

Yoshi stats - A Rank

Mario Strikers Battle League Characters Yoshi Tongue (Image credit: iMore)

Though not the fastest character on the field, players can feel very powerful and successfully score goals while controlling Yoshi. His high shooting and passing abilities make him ideal for getting the ball from a teammate and launching at the goal. The best way to use him is to have him travel up the field with a buddy, get a quick pass from a teammate, and then score.

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Play typeOffense: A great tag-team offensive tactician, Yoshi's high passing ability combined with his high shooting make him ideal for leading the charge with another character or scoring after being passed to.
Hyper StrikeEgg Stomp: Yoshi turns the ball into a huge egg by swallowing it. He then slams down on it causing it to bounce around the field as it heads to the goal. Anyone hit by the traveling egg is stunned for a short time.

Rosalina stats - S Rank

Mario Strikers Battle League Characters Rosalina (Image credit: iMore)

Though not as strong as Bowser, Rosalina has relatively high stats all around making her a formidable character for the front ranks and a satisfying character to control. She's best used on the front lines tackling opponents, stealing the ball, and scoring goals.

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Play typeOffense: Ideal for leading the charge, slamming into opponents, and scoring. Rosalina is a little slower than some but well-rounded in every other trait.
Hyper StrikeOrbital Burst: Rosalina literally kicks the ball into space and it returns to the field iced over before heading to the goal. Anyone who gets in the icy ball's way gets slowed down.

Wario stats - B Rank

Mario Strikers Battle League Characters Wario (Image credit: iMore)

Wario isn't exactly the most purposeful character you can choose, but his blunt power and powerful tackle make him a fun character to play nonetheless. His Hyper Strike isn't as good as some others, so if you're looking for a powerful character to score with you should look into Donkey Kong or Bowser.

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Play typePhysical: Use him to intimidate opponents, clear the path, and launch the ball where you want it.
Hyper StrikeElectric Ricochet: Wario jumps into the air and then lands with his tush on the ball, which shoots it away with an electric surge. The ball then bounces around the field zigzag style before heading to the goal. Any opponent in the ball's path is electrified and stunned for a short time.

Waluigi stats - A Rank

Mario Strikers Battle League Characters Waluigi (Image credit: iMore)

Waluigi isn't the one you'll want on the frontlines all that often as his shooting power and passing skills are rather low. However, he's also pretty fast and can tackle opponents who get near his goal. If you do get the opportunity to take a shot at the opponent's goal, then plan to follow up his Hyper Strike with another shot as this can leave Boom Boom tied up and unable to defend.

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Play typeDefense: Perfect for those who want to protect the goal and take down opponents who get it.
Hyper StrikeThorn Barrier: Waluigi's powerful kick launches the ball straight at the goal and leaves a trail of thorns in its wake. This move can sometimes bind the goalie, Boom Boom, in thorns making him unable to move for a short time.

Boom Boom - Doesn't Rank

Mario Strikers Battle League Characters Boom Boom (Image credit: iMore)

This little Koopaling serves as the goalie for both teams and is not a playable character. He will act independently for either team to prevent balls from reaching the goal, but sometimes a goal will sneak in on his watch especially if he's been stunned first.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Characters coming soon

Mario Strikers Battle League Key Art (Image credit: Nintendo)

Nintendo has already revealed that additional characters will be coming to Mario Strikers: Battle League in the future. As of right now, we do not know who exactly these characters will be but we've got a few guesses. We're already missing a few playable characters from past games like Daisy, Diddy Kong, Bowser Jr., and Birdo. It also wouldn't be out of the question for Nintendo to include Toadette, or Pauline.

We'll update this section as we learn more about upcoming characters.

Some strike it hot

Each of the Mushroom Kingdom characters plays a bit differently so you'll have to determine which style you like most. You might find that you prefer to play a specific kind of way, so if you're more focused on speed, you'll want to choose a character that moves faster. If you prefer to play defense, you should look for a character with greater physical power. Regardless, you'll probably need to spend some time getting a feel for each character to see which one you like best.

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