Measure body temperature and more with Spree Biometric Headband

We've seen lots of fitness oriented products here at CES 2013 such as the Fitbit Flex which allows you to monitor stats such as steps walked and calories burned. But what if you want to know more on how your body is actually doing while you're working out? The Spree Biotmetric Headband can help you do just that.

Most fitness apps and accessories made for iOS and Android tend to usually focus around calories burned, steps walked, and how you're doing diet or workout wise. Another important thing to monitor is how your body is actually handling and responding to a workout.

This is what Spree Biometric Headbands should help with. Instead of just telling you how many calories you're burning, the Biometric Headband is more concerned with how your body is handling the routine it's going through. The main three things that Spree monitors are your body temperature, movement, and heart rate.

For anyone who plans on becoming serious about working out this year and integrating your iPhone or Android device into that routine, Spree's line of products is worth a look. The Biometric Headband should be available this summer for around $200. You can also hit the link below to pre-order.

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Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.