Media Browser working on iPad client for its home multimedia server

Media Browser is a handy service, which turns your home PC into a multimedia server. With apps available for Windows 8, iOS, Android and Windows Phone, the team have been working on an iPad-optimized version. Today, an update has been published on the official blog detailing some features being worked on for iPad owners.

If you're not familiar with the name, it enables consumers easily transform their home PC into a media server. To help users make the most of Media Browser on an iPad, the team have implemented media caching, enhanced scrolling, searching with locally stored metadata for instantaneous functionality, and more. Not everything the team has planned for the iPad will be included in the initial app release, but updates will be published post-release after the feature list has been re-evaluated.

Expect to see the app arrive on the App Store for iPads soon enough (they're aiming for May 10). For now, if you own an iPhone, check out the iOS app already available on the store. Note that you need to have the server configured before using the apps (it's available for free and runs on OS X).

Rich Edmonds