Polar Unite Green Fitness WatchSource: Polar

What you need to know

  • The new Polar Unite fitness watch is here.
  • It sells for $149.95.
  • Buyers can choose between black, white. pink, and blue colors.

Polar has announced its new fitness watch, Polar Unite, making it available for order now for $149.95. Buyers can choose between black, white, pink, and blue colors and can buy additional silicone bands for $22.95 as well.

The watch itself supports sleep tracking but its bread and butter is definitely in its fitness tracking via what Polar calls FitSpark. It's a daily guide that helps wearers improve their fitness by taking part in unique, personalized workouts that claim to ensure they don't overdo it.

It starts with FitSparkTM, a daily training guide that delivers on-demand workouts straight to your wrist. Unlike other fitness "guides" on the market, FitSpark is truly personalized, taking into consideration your sleep, recovery, fitness level, and training history to recommend tailored workouts each day. It also provides animated instructions for helpful guidance for strength, cardio, and supportive training, while timers, instructions, and vibrations guide you through the workout, keeping you on track.

The Polar Unite watch will also keep tabs on you during your workout, making sure that you have all the data you could possibly need to make sure you're on track to meeting your goals. You'll learn how long your heartate spent in specific zones, how many calories were burned, and more.

Polar Unite Fitness Watch Running ScreenSource: Polar

During exercise, it's critical that you have access to simple, instant data and insights to keep you going. Polar Unite provides real-time training stats that allow you to visualize the effort of your workout and easily see if you're under or overdoing it. And following each workout, Polar Unite offers immediate insights about time spent in certain heart rate zones, how many calories you burned, and how much strain your training session put on your cardiovascular system, making it easy to track and monitor progress over time. If you're heading outside, the connected GPS functionality provides even more training options for whichever adventure suits your style.

While some watches can be large and bulky, the Polar Unite weighs just 32 grams making it light and inobtrusive enough to be work all the time. You can receive your watch's notifications on it as well, making it a potential all-rounder for your wrist.

There are leather and PET woven fabric band options available if the silicone look isn't for you and there's also available for order now.

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