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What you need to know

  • Microsoft has confirmed to iMore that Teams will not support iOS 13 once iOS 15 arrives.
  • Users with iOS 13 devices will still be able to use teams, but they won't get new updates.

Microsoft has confirmed to iMore that its Teams app will no longer support devices running iOS 13 once iOS 15 arrives — likely next month.

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed via email that Teams supports "the latest two versions of iOS, and with iOS 15 shipping next month, support for iOS 13 will end." Those who are using devices with iOS 13 installed can either update to iOS 14 or iOS 15, or continue to use the app as-is. They won't receive any updates, though.

Microsoft also confirms as much on its Teams requirements page.

Support is limited to the two most recent major versions of iOS. For example, when a new, major version of iOS is released, the iOS requirement is the new version and the most recent versions that preceded it.

The news could potentially impact people whose kids are learning remotely, with many using older iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches that may not be able to update to iOS 14 or iOS 15. The news that the app will continue to work is of course welcome, but any new features schools and businesses want to make use of will not trickle down to older devices.

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