Microsoft OneNote for iPhone and iPad will finally sync in the background

Microsoft has pushed out a small, but not unimportant update to its OneNote applications for iPhone and iPad. In the process it fixes one of the more irritating issues, because now we're finally given background sync! OneNote has had a tendency to be somewhat slow syncing your notebooks between device and cloud, but that should all be a thing of the past.

Background Sync - OneNote now syncs your notebooks in the background, including content you send to OneNote via the Share Extension; this means less time spent waiting for notebooks to sync when you open the app.

OneNote is an extremely good, and extremely popular app across platforms, and while background sync has taken altogether too long to arrive, you can't fault Microsoft for the effort put into the iOS app.

Grab the latest version right now from the App Store links below.

Richard Devine

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  • 'bout time!! On the same note, OneNote slowly but surely is getting there. I stopped using Evernote because of their lousy pricing and switched to OneNote a few months ago.
  • Evernote I don't even consider a note taking application. I consider it to be a Scrap Booking/Clipping services. That being said, Microsoft has literally dropped the price for these services down to $0, and since Evernote doesn't really do anything that OneNote cannot do, while having worse Desktop and Tablet Apps... And arguably worse Smartphone apps as well... I don't see any appeal for it and don't see the reason why anyone should pay then for something they can get for free from a reputable and reliable competitor. Making OneNote free was a very aggressive move from Microsoft, and I think as they improve their mobile apps Evernote will certainly start to feel some serious pressure.
  • Great, I love one note.
  • OneNote is pretty damn good I must say. Sent from the iMore App
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  • That's nice I guess but I'll take the few seconds of syncing upon opening the app vs. the battery drain of background app refresh. Sent from the iMore App