Macos Big Sur Preview Notification Center HeroSource: Rene Ritchie

What you need to know

  • After years of waiting, Microsoft Teams now supports native macOS notifications.
  • The change now means that Teams will honor users' Do Not Disturb settings for the first time.

After a wait that some thought might never end, the day is finally here — Microsoft Teams supports native macOS notifications on devices running macOS 10.15 and later.

In a move that's been years in the making, Microsoft confirmed that the change has now been made and that Teams is finally following not only standard macOS notification practice, but that it will also now respect Do Not Disturb settings as a result.

We are thrilled to share that Teams now supports Mac OS notifications on Mac OS 10.15 and above. With release of this feature, Teams honours OS notification features such as Do No Disturb, Notification center triaging and more.

The statement came via an old forum thread that was spotted by the folks at Windows Latest.

The fact that Teams didn't support Do Not Disturb and Notification Center until now is mind-boggling, but here we are. Given the fact people have been working from home with Teams installed and pinging away, it's a miracle there hasn't been some sort of revolt!

Few would argue that Teams is the best Mac app around, but it now at least follows the same rules as everyone else.