Microsoft's latest iPhone app, Fetch!, is literally for the dogs

Microsoft wants to make it easier to figure out your dog's specific breed with their latest iPhone exclusive app, called Fetch! The app, from the company's Garage division, is the latest example of the use of its Project Oxford API image identification tools.

Like apps and websites such as and, the Fetch! app scans and analyzes a photo of a dog from the iPhone's camera app or camera roll:

You start with your dog, or your friends' dogs. If the dog's breed is unknown, the app will show a percentage of the closest breed. Tapping the percentage rosette leads to the top five breeds that could be in the dog. Clicking on the arrow in the corner leads you to more information on the breed.and

The app can also scan photos of humans and hazard a guess as to the dog breed he or she might be — you know, just for fun.

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham

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