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Microsoft's OneNote is now a universal app for iPhone and iPad

Microsoft has decided to merge both of its OneNote iOS apps. The separate versions of the note-taking apps for the iPhone and iPad have now been replaced by a universal app that works on both products.

iPhone OneNote users won't need to do anything other than get the latest update for their version. However, OneNote users on the iPad will need to download the new universal version from the App Store in order to continue using it. iPad OneNote users will also be able to access features that have already been available by iPhone owners, including the Today widget, the Recent Notes view, and page previews when the iPad is in landscape mode.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

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  • They finally did it!
  • Still can't touch Notebooks
  • Agree about Notebooks, superb app. I sync all my devices via my Synology NAS, keeping everything local. Sent from the iMore App
  • Maeglin, how are you able to open your NAS files with your smartphone? On iphone, I cannot access my NAS from the OneNote app.
  • Desktop OneNote is better than Notebooks, especially if you use other Office Apps like Word and Excel. That alone makes OneNote better on other devices because there's no point in using a separate app when you can use one that functions across device, form factors, and platforms - even if there is feature disparity between the different implementations. Also, OneNote in Office for Windows can save Notebooks to local storage.
  • If I install OneNote will it automatically grab all my notes from the native iPhone Notes app?
  • Just looking for some information before downloading a new Notes app.
  • Now, I just need fall to come sooner to use the Office apps in split view on my Air 2 :p
  • Must an app be optimized for iOS9 for it to support split view? Sent from the iMore App
  • I believe that's what he meant by the fall.. When iOS 9 gets officially gets released. That's when apps such as OneNote can take advantage of SplitView..
  • If OneNote had Evernote's web clipping features I would switch. But it doesn't - so I'm sticking with Evernote for now.
  • Fortunately, I don't clip anything from websites. I prefer how OneNote organizes data to Evernote, and I don't see a point in paying for Bandwidth or storage, or fairly basic features that I got with OneNote for free (like OCR, etc.). Also, I find Evernote's Desktop apps kind of poor compared to OneNote (their Mobile apps are somewhat better, but I use this kind of software on my Notebook a ton more than I do on my smartphone, where I typically just read/review things or check off lists as opposed to creating content in them). OneNote has a Web Clipper, though, so you have to be more specific about what features you like in Evernote from that perspective. Not because I want to disagree with their usefulness, but because it can be informative to people like me and others who may be less informed about the those product features.
  • That is a valid point, and why I still use Circusponies Notebook on the Mac - it has the best clipping service I came across. The one in the desktop Windows version of One Note is great too, but unfortunately not available on the Mac or any other version. Their iOS extension does not do anything else than sending the link to OneNote, which is better than nothing, but really not want I want most of the time. Well, MS made great progress on the Mac and iOS apps recently, maybe we will see these features at some point (there is at least no technical reason for them not being there, as other apps do it just fine). I could never warm up to Evernote (or to syncing my notes to free-anything) and their desktop apps are not to my liking. OneNote is certainly far from elegant or Mac-like, but it works extremely well and it has an amazing search feature. I have thousands of pages of mainly MCSA and MCSE course material in it for teaching, and you really just type a few letters and it shows you all occurrences in all notebooks in a split second, one click and you are right in the page at the correct spot, all the time. Sounds like a basic thing, but no other software does it even closely.
  • Yea, I only use Office on my Windows Notebook, so that may be why I don't see as many issues with it as the other user. I barely used the OS X version of OneNote because the feature disparity is such that it is jarring going from OS X to Windows and then back. The OS X port is basically a port of the Windows 8.1/Windows 10/iPad OneNote App, and is missing about half the features (if not more) of the desktop OneNote. I think OneNote is underrated here because a lot of people haven't used it on a Windows Machine to any decent extent. It's an extremely powerful tool and its Windows apps is better than anything else on the market. The OS X apps for both OneNote and Outlook are both close to worthless, IMHO, but better than nothing. OneNote for OS X is basically a Mac Port of the Windows 8.1/iOS/Android/Windows 10 OneNote app feature set, which is based largely on the OneNote Web App (with some additions). It is missing about 50% of the functionality (and about 80% of the performance, in my experience) of the Windows Desktop App. It's better than nothing, but I think everyone was severely disappointed after the initial excitement of seeing the Announcement of them porting it over, when they realized just how much stuff was missing from it... And they haven't really been moving at a decent pace regarding closing the feature disparity, either...
  • Thanks Man! For a great info
  • I like OneNote, but I have 4000 notes in Evernote (collections and such) and don't know of anyway to migrate them, so I'm stuck.