How to get rich fast and get game tickets in Miitopia

Miitopia Bonding Battle
Miitopia Bonding Battle (Image credit: Nintendo)

Money is the root of all evil, they say, but if you ask me, I'd say those people are dead wrong. Lots of money is a great thing, especially when you're playing Miitopia, the goofy RPG where almost every character is created by you. Money is always good to have on hand — it's essential for buying health and weapons and upgrading your gear. Now you could play and grind for coin, but you're here because you wanna get rich quick, and that's what we're gonna do. Here's how to get rich fast and get game tickets in Miitopia

What are Game Tickets and how do I find them?

Miitopia Jobs

Miitopia Jobs (Image credit: iMore)

Game Tickets are an alternate currency found throughout the game that allows players to participate in both the Roulette and Rock, Paper, Scissors minigames found in the Inn. Game Tickets are found in the treasure chest you'll come across on your journey, from quest dungeons and quest rewards, and from scanning amiibo that do not provide a costume. Game Tickets will appear fairly often, but you'll want to save up as many Game Tickets as you can because they're necessary for the next part.

Playing the roulette

Miitopia Victory

Miitopia Victory (Image credit: Nintendo)

In the Inn, you can take a spin at the roulette for a chance to win a random price. The roulette is sectioned into four colors: Yellow, Blue, Orange, and Gray. Landing in the yellow section is where you'll get weapons and clothing, which can be sold at a high price. The gear you earn, however, depends on how far along you are in the game and how high of a level your party members are. The higher the levels are in the party, the better the gear, which means a higher sell price.

The sections of the roulette are random, so you must continue to refresh the roulette by entering and exiting a dungeon. Look for one that is devoid of enemies, and quickly run through the dungeon and back to the Inn to refresh the roulette. Once the roulette is mostly yellow, spin the wheel and sell any gear you collect, which will give you the same amount of money that it would cost if you were to buy it with Gold instead. Rinse and repeat as you see fit.

Road to riches

That's how you get rich quick in Miitopia. Gambling is always risky, but in this case, the risk is well worth the reward. With enough Game Tickets, you should be able to max out your gold in no time. Miitopia may not have received its due when it released on the Nintendo 3DS in 2017, but the quirky RPG is sure to be one of the best RPGs on the Nintendo Switch. If you're curious about the game, you can try out the free demo, and if you like what you play, you can transfer that save data to the final game.

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