Focusplan On MacbookSource: Focusplan

What you need to know

  • Apps continue to be updated to support macOS Big Sur and it's new design language.
  • Focusplan is a mind mapping app that's all set for the Big Sur world.

Mind mapping is something that I've tried to get into before and failed miserably, but I've heard very good things about the practice. If you're someone who mind maps their life out you're going to be pleased to know that Focusplan has been updated to fit right at home on the newly released macOS Bug Sur.

Available for download now, the updated Focusplan has a new interface as well as redesigned icons and artwork to better match the new aesthetic that macOS Big Sur is bringing with it. That means Focusplan will look right at home in your Dock alongside Apple's own first-party apps. The same can't be said for all third-party options, unfortunately.

Here's the full rundown of what's new in Focusplan version 1.4.11.

What's New

  • Adds the feature to navigate the mind map between topics via the left and right arrows keys of the keyboard
  • Improves the user interface, icons and artworks optimized for the latest macOS release
  • Fixes an issue where the application at launch in some cases does not properly display the open dialog

Focusplan is a mind mapping app that tries to make things a little less daunting than some alternatives and I think that might be enough to make the process stick for me this time. If you're keen to try it out you can download the app for free with in-app purchases available.