What you need to know

  • iThoughts has been updated to take advantage of new iPhone and iPad features.
  • It's a free update for those who already own the app.
  • The update includes support for Dark Mode, multiple windows, and more.

If you mind map on iPhone, iPad, or Mac there's a very good chance that you use, or have used, iThoughts. It's one of the biggest players in this space and it's also one of the best reviewed apps of its kind in the App Store. So when we heard that it had received an update to add new iOS 13 hotness, we had to take a peak.

Sure enough, all of the things we'd want from this kind of update are present and correct. The newly updated iThoughts supports Dark Mode, which is huge if a bright white canvas was ruining your blacked out look. But more functional features have been added, too.

iThoughts iPad screenshot

Those include the support for multiple windows that could be a real gamechanger for habitual mind mappers. Having two mind maps open side-by-side on one iPad is now possible, giving mind map power users a new tool in their quest for the ultimate in productivity. There's also support for dragging and dropping things between those windows as well.

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Finally, developer toketaWare has also improved search and fixed bugs, as developers tend to do in releases like this. All in, it's a pretty solid way to spend $11.99 if you haven't already. And if you have, getting all this for free is quite the bargain.

The updated iThoughts can be downloaded from the App Store on iPad and iPhone now.

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