Smart Tasks Macos WidgetsSource: Francesco Prospato

What you need to know

  • Smart Tasks just received a new update to add macOS Big Sur compatibiity.
  • That also means it just gained new widgets as well.
  • The update also includes other Mac enhancements like Handoff support and more.

Minimalist task manager Smart Tasks has received a new update that adds support for one of macOS Big Sur's headline features – widgets. Just like on iPhone and iPad, widgets are getting renewed attention on Mac and Smart Tasks is along for the ride.

Created by college student Francesco Prospato, Smart Tasks looks and feels like an Apple app in many ways and could be described as Reminders turned up to 11. There's plenty going on in here, but it's the new stuff we're interested in today.

Progress Widget

  • A whole new widget that shows you how much have left to do in the day
  • Change the widget's color to any of Smart Tasks' category colors
  • Choose if you like to see how many tasks you've accomplished or the percentage of completed tasks
  • Medium size widget shows your upcoming tasks. You can tap on a specific task or add tasks from the widget

Widget Redesigns

  • Simple and sleek new look for tasks and category widgets!
  • If you use "Today Tasks" widget you'll need to re-add it.
  • Choose which day to show (Today, Tomorrow, Whenever)

On top of that we have a new Mac pip-up that makes it quicker than ever to add new tasks to your lists.

Instead of opening a new window for "Add Task" or "Add Category," popups will appear in the same window for even quicker adding. Tap on the window icon on the top right corner to open the popup in a new window for multitasking!

All of this is free to download from the Mac App Store now. There's an in-app subscription available to unlock additional features, too.

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