Mint Mobile offers 0% financing for unlocked iPhones for as low as $19 per month

Mint Mobile on iPhone
Mint Mobile on iPhone (Image credit: iMore)

Today, Mint Mobile announced a promotional deal to new customers that will rock your socks off. For as low as zero percent financing, you can get an unlocked iPhone with no carrier contract whatsoever and three months of wireless service for free. From Apple's premium iPhone XS Max, to the new hotness iPhone XR (in any of the six beautiful colors), and even the value priced iPhone 7, you can walk out the virtual door feeling like you've somehow managed to pull off the greatest grift in history, except Mint Mobile is in on it.

One barrier to joining Mint Mobile's low-cost data service is having a compatible phone. Mint Mobile uses T-Mobile's nationwide service, which means that phones have to be using GSM networking. If your phone isn't compatible, why not buy an iPhone from Mint Mobile? Guaranteed to work.

"We know that if we get customers into brand new phones, their phones are going to be optimized for the T-Mobile network and they're going to have much better experience," said Mint Mobile Senior Vice President, Marketing Aron North. "Nobody that we know of is financing an unlocked iPhone, not even Apple, with zero percent financing."

You're not forced to only buy a specific model iPhone from Mint Mobile either. You don't have to buy the iPhone XS Max if it's too big. You aren't stuck with an iPhone 7 because they don't want to pony up for the big boys. Whether you're trying to save money or you want the top-of-the-line iPhone, you can get it unlocked from Mint Mobile with zero-percent financing.

So why, you may be asking, is Mint Mobile doing something so outrageous? They want to prove to you that they're not messing around.

"We have an incredible service and it's incredibly disruptive," said North. "We're so confident in how good our service is that Mint is willing to finance your iPhone at zero percent and include three months of service for free."

After your iPhone arrives, you can take it to any carrier you want. It's unlocked, after all. You don't have to sign any kind of contract that states you'll use Mint Mobile with it. It's your phone. It's your choice. Mint Mobile is banking on the hope that you'll be so impressed with its service that you'll be a forever friend from then on.

"Our hope is that, because it comes with three months of free service, people will take the opportunity to try Mint Mobile and be so impressed with it that they'll want to continue with us," said North.

If the only thing you really know about Mint Mobile is from their chunky milk commercial that aired during the Super Bowl, they're a cellular service provider that keeps their costs low and buys in large quantities so they can pass along the savings to you. A carrier-grade service at direct-to-consumer pricing, if you will.

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"We don't have any stores, so we don't have the overhead that other carriers have," said North. "We also decided not to offer an unlimited service, so people that use small amounts of data don't have to pay for people that use large amounts of data." Think of any low-cost internet-only subscription service, like Quip's $5 toothbrush subscription or Dollar Shave Club, and Mint Mobile is following a similar structure.

Their lowest tier plan starts at $15 per month for the introductory rate (which you can keep indefinitely if you choose the one-year renewal plan after the introductory period is over). That's unlimited talk and text and 3GB of 4G LTE high speed data per month. The shortest plan is for three months at a time, which helps keep the costs down, but the longer you renew for, the cheaper it gets. Renew with the one-year plan to keep paying that low $15 per month rate.

Visit Mint Mobile to pick your new unlocked iPhone with 0% financing for as low as $18 per month

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