DEVONthink logoSource: DEVONtechnologies

What you need to know

  • DEVONagent, EasyFind, and DEVONsphere Express have all received Apple silicon updates.
  • DEVONthink To Go also received a maintenance update as it prepares for the big 3.0 update.

DEVONtechnologies has announced three new app updates that bring support for Apple silicon to more of its apps. The company has also released a new maintenance update for DEVONthink To Go for iPhone and iPad as it nears a bit version 3.0 refresh.

The Mac apps that now support Apple silicon are DEVONagent, DEVONsphere Express, and EasyFind. All now feature native support for Apple silicon and the current crop of M1 chips, but it's the iOS version of DEVONthink that will be of most interest to many. With a big version 3.0 refresh in the works, DEVONtechnologies says this update gets things ready for the big release.

And finally, we're releasing (one of) the last maintenance update(s) for DEVONthink To Go version 2. DEVONthink To Go 2.7.8 prepares its data store for version 3.0, which has been in the works for a while and will become available as a new, separate app in the App Store in due course. A welcome screen will inform you about the arrival of DEVONthink To Go 3.0. The update to 2.7.8 also brings those bug fixes over from version 3 that don't depend on larger changes to the database or app structure, or would make the app incompatible to iOS 11 and 12. We have updated the PDF library and MultiMarkdown support, too, and brought the sync on par with the latest DEVONthink for Mac release.

It's notable that DEVONthink To Go will be a whole new version of the app, suggesting it'll be a paid upgrade for those of us using version 2.x.

All of these updates are free for existing users while new users can pick up the apps via the DEVONtechnologies website.