Apple previews the gender-diverse emoji coming in iOS 10, and they are good!

iOS 10 on an iPhone and iPad.

As if I wasn't already excited for the launch of iOS 10, Apple goes and adds a bunch of new and redesigned emoji:

This exciting update brings more gender options to existing characters, including new female athletes and professionals, adds beautiful redesigns of popular emoji, a new rainbow flag and more family options.

Up until now emoji were seriously lacking in the diversity department. I mean, how has it taken this long to add a woman runner to my emoji library? That said, I'm glad Apple, Google, and the Unicode Consortium are working together to add more diversity to the popular little character set. Between the additional gender options and some brand new characters, Apple's updated emoji are a more accurate depiction of real life.

Apple emoji single family dad

Apple emoji female body builder

Apple emoji rainbow flag

After downloading the latest beta of iOS 10 and perusing the newly designed characters, I realized something: I'm finally able to depict my entire family in emoji.

Being included feels damn good. Thanks, Apple.

Mikah Sargent

Mikah Sargent is Senior Editor at Mobile Nations. When he's not bothering his chihuahuas, Mikah spends entirely too much time and money on HomeKit products. You can follow him on Twitter at @mikahsargent if you're so inclined.