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What you need to know

  • MusicMatch is a new app that makes it easier to deal with Spotify links when you're an Apple Music user.
  • The new app can open Spotify links in Apple Music as well as Apple Music links in Spotify.
  • An included Safari extension handles the link switching automatically.

MusicMatch is a new app for iPhone and iPad that takes Spotify links and turns them into something you can open in Apple Music. It also works in the opposite direction for people who use Spotify but keep receiving links from friends who use Apple Music.

That right there is what makes MusicMatch so useful. If like me, your spouse uses Spotify while you use Apple Music, you're probably used to having to deal with links that don't do anything for you. This app fixes that, allowing you to open the link in a snap.


  1. Receive a link to a song, album, or artist from a friend
  2. Copy the link to clipboard
  3. Open MusicMatch
  4. MusicMatch will automatically open your preferred app

Not keen on copying the link and opening the MusicMatch app? The included Safari extension handles everything automatically and will redirect links from Spotify right into Apple Music — although at the time of writing it only works in that direction. Spotify users will have to go via the MusicMatch app for now.

Anyone who wants to take MusicMatch for a spin — and you really do — can download it for free from the App Store right now. It might just be the best iPhone app you download this month. Especially if you're tired of dealing with music links that you can't do anything with!

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