My iPhone survived a 1,000 foot drop from an airplane: Extreme iPhone survival stories

A few years ago a coworker of mine was rushing out of the house on a particularly snowy morning and didn't notice his cellphone slip out of his pocket. By the time Marc had realized it was missing, a snowblower had chewed it up and spit it out into a million little pieces all over the icy sidewalk.

It was safe to say that Marc's phone did not work at all (in fact my boss had it framed so he could forever look at his snowblower-y shame), but what if his phone fell 450 feet from the world's tallest swing? Or spent 48 hours underwater? Would that have helped his odds?

I know what you're going to say: "Cella, if a phone can't survive a snowblower, then there's no way in hell it'll be able to survive literal weeks at the bottom of the river" to which I would reply, dramatically,

That time an iPhone survived a 1,000-foot drop from an airplane

Imagine going on a leisurely cruise on your vintage biplane (honestly, can totally relate) and you go to grab your iPhone to take a picture of the panoramic view, only to have it ripped out of your hands by the wind.

Sarvinder Naberhaus of Iowa realized a bit too late that maybe putting your iPhone outside the windshield of a plane that's 1,000 feet in the air to get that Instagram-worthy shot might not be the best idea. Her iPhone was torn out of her hands and fell to what she assumed was its ultimate death.

But with the help of the Find My iPhone app, Naberhaus was able to find her iPhone, unharmed, sitting in some tall grass with her alarm going off.

That other time an iPhone survived an insane fall: This time from the world's tallest swing ride

When I was in Las Vegas recently, my boyfriend and I decided to try ziplining down Fremont Street. It was a ton of fun, but I couldn't help but wish I could have recorded my run down the legendary street.

Then I heard about a woman recording a video at the top of a 450-foot ride in Florida with her iPhone 7 who accidentally dropped it.

… And it survived!

Seriously. There wasn't even a crack in her screen. Talk about lucky, hey?

That time an iPhone got lost at sea for 2 days

I know that the newer iPhones are all water resistant and what not, but tell me you don't get a lump in your throat every time you bring your iPhone up from the watery depths.

What if there's a leak? What if I flooded it? Oh god what if it's dead… I KILLED IT.

Now imagine losing your iPhone in the dang ocean, only to have a diver find it two days later with 84% of its charge after a text lit up its screen on the ocean floor 30-feet down.

Not only was the iPhone totally okay, but the waterproof bag it was in appeared to have saved it from a watery grave. It was reunited with its Canadian owner and we can only assume it now has a crippling phobia of the ocean.

That time an iPhone survived for weeks at the bottom of a river.

Alright, so an iPhone surviving for 2 days underwater seems a bit insane, but what if you found an iPhone in the river while scuba diving, only to realize it had been sitting on the bottom of the ocean floor for a few weeks?!

The iPhone was reunited with its owner, which just makes this story so much more heartwarming.

What's your craziest iPhone survival story?

Is there a crazy iPhone survival story that you've heard that you think we need to hear? Have you ever lost your iPhone in an insane spot, only to have it continue to function like normal?

Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments down below!

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