My Nintendo members can get a 7-day Nintendo Switch Online trial for free

Nintendo Switch Online Nes Games
Nintendo Switch Online Nes Games (Image credit: Nintendo)

What you need to know

  • Nintendo Switch Online is Nintendo's online service, with various features.
  • My Nintendo members can redeem a free trial for Nintendo Switch Online.
  • This trial lasts seven days and can be redeemed even if you redeemed a previous free trial.
  • The offer ends on September 6, 2021.

If you'd like to play games online on the Nintendo Switch, but you're unsure whether Nintendo's online service, Nintendo Switch Online is right for you, this is the offer for you!

Nintendo announced in a tweet that My Nintendo members can redeem a 7-day trial for Nintendo Switch Online for zero Platinum Coins. This means it's 100% free of charge.

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If you already redeemed a free 7-day trial through the Nintendo Switch eShop, don't worry — you'll still be able to redeem this new trial. That means you'll get all the perks of Nintendo Switch Online, such as NES and SNES titles and access to the online modes of the amazing multiplayer games available on the system. You can also participate in Nintendo Switch Online Game Trials, which is currently offering Among Us for one week for free!

Important to note, however, is that this free trial can't be used if you already have an individual or family Nintendo Switch Online membership active. Upon redeeming this, your trial will automatically be converted to a monthly individual membership once the trial period has ended. If you wish to avoid this, make sure to turn off automatic renewal before your free trial ends. This special offer is being offered until September 6, 2021.

To disable automatic renewal, select your profile picture within the Nintendo Switch eShop and navigate to the "Nintendo Switch Online" tab. Under your current membership status, select "Turn off automatic renewal".

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