What you need to know

  • MyScript Nebo has released its new 2.4 update.
  • You can now publish your notes in the app for all to see, or share them with specific contacts.
  • Insider program will give users early access to key new features in the future.

MyScript Nebo has been updated with a handful of very exciting new features, including the ability to share notes with specific contacts via the Nebo app. Toted previously by iMore as one of the best note-taking apps around thanks mainly to its fantastic handwriting recognition, the new update will allow users to share notes created inside the app with specific contacts directly from within the app. Or, if your work is so good you need to share it with all the world, you can now do that too by publishing it so that anyone can view it.

Further new features include Draft, which allows users to create sections in order to mix different kinds of content. Created drafts can be added and mixed with any page or even copied to other apps. There's also Lasso, which will allow you to very quickly select content (presumably by drawing around it) for easy manipulation and resizing. These both sound incredible, but it should be noted that at the time of writing both features are still in Beta and subject to update.

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On top of these new features is MyScript's new Insider Program. Users signed in with their MyScript account can go to the app settings and enable Insider Program, this will give them early access to new features and innovations that MyScript has in the pipeline.

How's your handwriting?

MyScript Nebo

Now with sharing, Draft and Lasso!

Myscript Nebo's newest update gives you sharing right at your fingertips.

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