Mysterious Siri-enabled device hinted for 2021 release

Apple Music Siri
Apple Music Siri (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • A supposedly leaked document suggests a new Siri-enabled device is coming in 2021
  • New hardware support is part of a larger set of upgrades for the digital assistant
  • Other features planned include health-related updates and machine translation

Apple is reportedly eyeing late 2021 for the release of a new piece of hardware, at least according to a set of supposedly leaked documents related to upcoming Siri improvements.

The documents, apparently coming from a former Siri grading contractor, outlines a vague series of upgrades coming to the digital assistant in the next couple of years. From The Guardian:

They also contain a further list of upgrades listed for release by "fall 2021", including the ability to have a back-and-forth conversation about health problems, built-in machine translation, and "new hardware support" for a "new device". Apple was spotted testing code for an augmented reality headset in iOS 13. The code-name of the 2021 release is "Yukon +1", suggesting the company may be moving to a two-year release schedule.

Upgrades coming in iOS 13 are apparently codenamed "Yukon," so it would seem that "Yukon +1" may build off of those improvements.

As to what this hardware could be, we can only speculate right now. Apple has long been rumored to be developing some kind of augmented reality headset, and it seems likely that Siri would be one of the chief ways to interact with that headset, so this mystery device could be that. But recent code diving and reports from Ming-Chi Kuo have suggested that Apple's AR device could arrive at some point in 2020, so what the 2021 device might be is anyone's guess right now.

Joseph Keller

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