Nanoleaf celebrates May the 4th with an epic Yoda made from Canvas lights

Nanoleaf Canvas May 4th Design
Nanoleaf Canvas May 4th Design (Image credit: Nanoleaf)

What you need to know

  • Nanoleaf has shared an epic Yoda design using Canvas light panels.
  • Design incorporates 48 light squares and displays multiple colors simultaneously.
  • Canvas squares can act as HomeKit buttons, putting Yoda to work around the home.

Nanoleaf has gotten into the Star Wars spirit with an epic Canvas light design to celebrate today's May the 4th holiday. Spanning a total of 48 of the company's Canvas light panels, Nanoleaf has designed an incredible Yoda that puts the icon in full color above an equally sweet desk setup.

Nanoleaf's Canvas lights are a favorite of ours for their modular nature that allows those with actual creative talent to bring to life just about anything they can think of. The Canvas squares can display up to 16 million different colors and shades of whites, and each square can show off a color that is independent of others in the same set up.

Canvas light squares also sport touch capabilities which enable all sorts of controls like tapping to change colors, and even playing games like Simon or Memory. HomeKit integration takes the touch sensitive panels even further by enabling each one of them to work as HomeKit buttons. Yes, you read that right, each Canvas light square can trigger actions or scenes for other HomeKit accessories, which means this awesome Yoda acts as 48 HomeKit buttons!

A starter pack consisting of 9 Canvas squares is currently available for $200 at various retailers like Amazon, or directly from Nanoleaf's online store. Expansion packs are also available that consist of 4 and 25 panel sets with pricing starting at $80.

Christopher Close

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