NapBot will track your sleep using machine learning

What you need to know

  • NapBot is a sleep tracking app for iOS and watchOS.
  • The app uses machine learning to track and analyze your sleep.
  • NapBot is available for free with monthly and annual in-app purchases.

NapBot is exactly what it sounds like: An app that tracks your sleep. But what sets it apart is it takes advantage of iOS 13's CoreML, which allows developers to integrate machine learning models into their app.

In the case of NapBot, the app uses machine learning to detect and also analyze your sleep. So, in theory, NapBot should improve its tracking and analysis the more you use it, providing users with even more accurate and in-depth information.

NapBot doesn't simply track the hours you were resting; it also listens for sound exposure and keeps an eye on your heart rate. If you opt for the pro version of NapBot, you'll also get detailed sleep history and sleep trends, the latter of which will help you understand how habits influence your sleep.

NapBot has been out for a few weeks now, but with so much talk about Apple testing a sleep tracking solution of its own, we wanted to highlight what's already available (via 9to5Mac).

NapBot is available for iOS and watchOS as a free download. In-app purchases include monthly and annual subscriptions.

Brandon Russell