National Geographic Photographer Brian Skerry thinks iPhone photographers are great

Brian Skerry
Brian Skerry (Image credit: Russell Holly / iMore)

Few of us have what it takes to put our bodies a hundred feet underwater for several hours in order to get a single photo of a rare sea critter, but this National Geographic Photographer is exactly that person. His days are long, physically exhausting in ways most of us will never know, and involve traveling to extreme and beautiful locations all around the world. And if you've ever seen any of the incredible work he's published, your life is richer for it.

But, when he's not at work, Brian has an iPhone in his pocket. And when I saw that, I wanted to know what he had to say about those of us who use our phones as our primary cameras. Unsurprisingly, he loves it.

I think, ultimately, anything that helps you make a picture that satisfies your crative juices or helps you tell a story or lets you show your friends a cool thing, having a device you can take anywhere like that, is a great thing. There's nothing wrong with that, I think technology is fantastic and the smaller and lighter and better it gets is wonderful.I do think, you know, as good as these get there are limitations. I can't do some things with my camera phone that I can do with my Nikon. I can change lenses, the glass is better, the low-light gathering capabilities, but you know these are getting pretty darn good as well. I'm not a snob about the camera, I think whatever you use to get pictures you're happy with is great. And if you've got it in your hand you're probably going to use it.For what I do professionally, it's not like National Geographic is telling me what to use, I could use an old Tintype if I wanted quite frankly, as long as the quality is decent they can publish it they're happy.

Brian will be joining dozens of other gifted National Geographic experts working together to take the world on a live journey this Earth Day (April 22nd) through a show called Born Wild: Earth Day Live.

Keep an eye out for more details on this series soon!

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