NAVIGON MobileNavigator goes iOS 4

NAVIGON dropped us a note to let us know that new, feature-filled, iOS 4-friendly version of MobileNavigator they previewed for us back at WWDC 2010 has hit the App Store and is available now. It includes:

  • Live Weather
  • Clever Parking
  • Destination Information Display
  • iOS 4 integration (including multitasking)
  • Enhanced Retina display buttons and icons for the iPhone 4
  • Latest NAVTEQ Maps
  • Pedestrian Mode Voice Guidance
  • Enhanced Reality View™ Pro and display of street names in the map view

What's more, NAVIGON is offering limited time, promotional pricing to help ease new users into the new version -- $49.99 for MobileNavigator North America and $17.99 for MobileNavigator US MyRegion is available for $17.99 (additional regional map can be accessed as an In App Purchase for $12.99).

[iTunes link]

Rene Ritchie

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