Mac ProSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Neil Parfitt is a man who knows about making music and mixing audio.
  • Mac Pro is a great machine for people in his profession.
  • But how should you spec it out? He spills the beans in this video.

Neil Parfitt knows about making music and mixing audio and I've written about his Mac Pro adventure before. He was there in the early days of the 2019 Mac Pro and even went the rackmount route, unlike pretty much everyone else. But which Mac Pro should you spec if you're looking to follow in his footsteps? That's a good question and one that Parfitt has answered in a new video.

After watching this video you'll know exactly which Mac Pro to buy if you're in the audio field. He'll even walk you through which Mac Pro processor to spec, including some napkin calculations to work out the best bang for your buck.

Check it out.

This Machine isn't for everyone and every application, but for those who need the extended Memory capacity, the mega PCIe expansion all packaged into a silent self- contained silver beast.. watch and read on while I share some information using my usual mellow, on-the-fly approach...

It's a great video if you're at all interested in Mac Pro and what it offers professionals and not just those of us who like to have big fast computers on our desks! Check the video out – you might learn a thing or two.