Netamo to add Siri support to Welcome and Presence security cameras

Netamo announced at CES that it's going all-in with Apple's HomeKit support within the next few months. You won't have to buy a new model, either. You'll be able to get support for any model Welcome or Presence security cameras through a firmware update.

Support for Siri will allow you to ask your virtual assistant to show you specific areas around your house, like the front door or backyard by saying, "Hey Siri, show me the [location]." You can also turn on or off, or adjust the lighting of the Presence flood light.

The Home app will allow you to set up scenarios that will trigger under certain conditions. For example, you'll be able to set a scene for "Arrive Home," which will turn on the Presence floodlight, unlock your doors, and turn on your indoor lights (if you've got all of those connected smart gadgets, too). You'll also be able to watch live streams of your security cameras, get notifications when motion is detected, and more.

You can get the Presence outdoor security camera with floodlight for $300.

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The Welcome indoor security camera with facial recognition is available for $134.

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