Netatmo cameraSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Netatmo is rolling support for HomeKit Secure Video out.
  • Support is hitting the Smart Indoor Camera.
  • The feature improves the security of video recorded by cameras.

Support for Apple's HomeKit Secure Video is starting to roll out to Netatmo's fancy-looking Smart Indoor Camera, according to HomeKit Hero (via 9to5Mac).

Netatmo started by rolling the feature out to beta testers with a view to making it available to everyone once that testing is complete. Unfortuantely that beta program is no longer accepting applications, but hopefully it won't be long before we can all enjoy the HomeKit Secure Video hotness.

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Apple says that the addition of HomeKit Secure Video will allow users to rest assured that their videos aren't being checked out by all and sundry. Instead, they're saved securely in Apple's iCloud, with only the users able to access them when needed.

With HomeKit Secure Video, activity detected by supported cameras is privately analyzed by your home hub using on‑device intelligence to determine if people, pets, or cars are present. When important activity is detected, you and anyone you share your Home app with will receive a rich notification that lets you view the clip right from the Lock Screen.

Apple debuted HomeKit Secure Video at WWDC in June and support is now starting to work its way into camers from the likes of Logitech and, now, Netatmo. Others are expected to come online in due course, too.

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