Netgear's Arlo Pro 2 security camera works with Amazon Alexa and records in 1080p HD

The company announced today in a press release that the newest iteration of their popular Arlo Pro security camera, the Arlo Pro 2, is now available for purchase.

Like the Arlo Pro, the Arlo Pro 2 is a wireless weatherproof indoor/outdoor smart security camera that's controlled by the Arlo app. It's still powered by rechargeable batteries, still needs a base station in order to function, and still offers a 130-degree view of any area. The new camera also has the same night vision, motion detection and 2-way audio capabilities, and is nearly identical to its predecessor design-wise, sporting a slightly rounded shiny white exterior. However, the Arlo Pro 2 offers many new features as well:

  • 1080p video: The Arlo Pro 2 can capture 1080p HD video — an improvement on the 720p output of the Arlo Pro. This will allow users to zoom in while using the Arlo app and still be able to clearly discern fine details.
  • Wired mode: Though you could plug the Arlo Pro in, it was mainly marketed as a wireless security camera. However, the Arlo Pro 2's wired mode offers some extra features this time around, including the option for 24/7 recording and the new "Look Back" feature, which creates a video that includes three seconds of footage prior to events that triggers motion detection. This lets users to get a more complete picture of what happened during the recorded event.
  • Activity Zones: With the Arlo Pro 2, you can create custom activity zones within areas you wish to monitor. Whenever Arlo Pro 2 detects motion in those specific zones, it will send you a notification on your smart phone. This means you can set it up so Arlo alerts you when someone is walking on your lawn, but won't bother you when someone is walking on the sidewalk.
  • Smart home compatibility: Arlo 2 can connect to smart home devices through platforms like IFTTT and Samsung SmartThings. This means you can use Amazon Alexa to view your security camera's live feed on your Amazon Echo Show or Amazon Fire TV.

Because the Arlo Pro 2 shares its design with the Arlo Pro, its backwards compatible with all Arlo Pro mounts, batteries and accessories (like the Arlo Solar Panel). Arlo Pro 2 cameras can also be added to an existing Arlo security system, so if you already have the Arlo base and station and older Arlo cameras you can still use all of those without issue.

The Arlo Pro 2 camera by itself is priced at a pretty steep $220. However, if you're new to the Arlo system, you'll have to get the bundle that includes a base unit and two cameras and is priced at $480. There's also a four-camera package available for $800 if you really want a beefy security setup. If you buy the camera bundle you'll also get the basic Arlo plan, which covers up to five Arlo cameras and provides seven days of free cloud storage. However, if you plan on using more than five cameras or want 24/7 video recording, you'll need to upgrade to a subscription-based service plan. All Arlo cameras and accessories are available for purchase now on the Arlo website.

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