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What you need to know

  • AutoSleep is an awesome sleep tracking app for iPhone and Apple Watch.
  • A big new update landed earlier today.
  • Reminders to charge your watch as well as new smart alarms incoming.

AutoSleep is already one of the best sleep tracking apps for Apple Watch and iPhone. It's the one I use, so when I spotted this new update in the App Store I took note – because it's going to change the way people sleep track using an Apple Watch. Don't believe me? Ask anyone who forgot to charge their watch before bedtime.

That's because this update adds a new feature that will remind everyone to take their Apple Watch off their wrist and slap it onto a charger well before it's sleepy time. That ensures it will have enough power to get through the night which is something you really need if you're sleep tracking.

Already ahead of the game and charging? AutoSleep has that covered, too. Tapping "Doing it Now" when the reminder arrives tells the app that you're already charging. You'll get another reminder in an hour to make sure you remember to put your watch back on your wrist.

AutoSleep 6.4 now includes charge reminders. You simply set the time that you'd like the reminder. The default is 8pm but you can change this.

If you select "Doing it now" this indicates that you are putting the Watch on the charger now and you would like a reminder on your iPhone in one hour's time to put the Watch back on again.


There's more, too. New Smart Alarms wake you up at the best time to prevent you from feeling groggy. You can read all about Smart Alarms on the AutoSleep website.

The full rundown of improvements includes:

Welcome to AutoSleep 6.4!

  • New charge reminder. Get a reminder of your Watch battery level and whether you should charge it before going to bed.
  • New Smart Alarm (WatchOS 6 or higher). Start the day feeling less groggy with the new native Apple Watch smart alarm that can wake you up in lighter sleep or gently tap you to take you out of deeper sleep.
  • New Infograph large modular and large modular complication with alarm status and live sleep tracking.
  • Watch app support for older watches running WatchOS 4.
  • Various fixes and general tidying up.
  • Learn more in the app in Settings / What's New.

All of this comes as a free update to existing users. Everyone else can get in on the AutoSleep action for $3.99 via the App Store.

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