New Baldur's Gate game due in 2015, with a storyline set between first two games

Beamdog, the development team behind the popular enhanced versions of the classic role playing games Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 for Mac and the iPad, have announced plans to release an all new Baldur's Gate game sometime in 2015. Its storyline will be set in between the events of the first two games and will use the Infinity Engine that was also used for those titles.

Other than that, Beamdog has revealed little about what they have planned for this new Baldur's Gate game, but they did say that more information will be revealed in the spring of 2015. It added, "We have an exciting release planned for this game, something bigger than we've ever done before." The blog post did include a link to some blurry screenshots of the game, taken from a smartphone.

Beamdog also has a second game in the works for 2015, saying only that "it's a departure for us in terms of what we've done in the past." However, they also confirmed that they don't currently have any plans to make a Baldur's Gate III.

Source: Beamdog

John Callaham

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