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New iPhone 9 renders show a cross between iPhone 8 and iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 9 render
iPhone 9 render (Image credit: OnLeaks / iGeeksBlog)

What you need to know

  • A new iPhone 9 render has been shared by @OnLeaks.
  • He has been known to get these things pretty accurate in the past.
  • This could be the iPhone 9 design we see come to market.

Prolific leaker and renderer Steve H. McFly, or @OnLeaks as you're more likely to know him, has today shared a new render of what he believes iPhone 9 will look like. The render comes via iGeeksBlog and shows what we've all been expecting.

That is, something that looks like iPhone 8 for the most part. But while the curved side rails and Home button do look very much iPhone 8-era, something around the back does not. If this report and renders are accurate, iPhone 9 will have a frosted glass back similar to iPhone 11 Pro.

OnLeaks presumes that the back glass will be the differentiating factor between iPhone 8 and the new device. So, he has rendered a frosted glass back quite like iPhone 11 Pro instead of a glossy glass of current iPhone 8.

The use of the word "presumes" might suggest that this is more guesswork than any actual knowledge being brought to bear, but we'll move on for now.

Alongside that glass OnLeaks also believes we will see a 4.7-inch LCD screen, just like the outgoing iPhone 8. And the performant A13 Bionic processor will be what keeps iPhone 9 ticking along. We can expect just one camera around the back, too.

Current wisdom has iPhone 9 being announced in the first few months of this year, so we might not have to wait too long to find out whether any of this is accurate. Not least the name – will Apple go with iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9?

Oliver Haslam

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  • I hope they use Iphone 9. That will be my next phone if they keep wireless charging etc in it. I dont care about the force touch thats in my iphone 8, I never use it and I find it annoying at times. I do however, want touch ID. So if I get touch ID, plus all the latest internals I may be dropping my money on two of these 9's.
  • In iOS 13 force touch doesn't matter anyway, it's mostly been disabled. I liked it, but that's just me, sometimes I accidentally activate the "long press" gesture
  • Well, it's always popping up stuff on my screen on my 8. The other thing I hope the include on the "9" is useage of the lightning port for other things like camera accessories. It supposedly happening soon for iphone 11 up. So, theoretically, it should be activated on the 9 as well since it's running the same underhood stuff. Now, apple should pull out all stops and give a mulitple camera setup, or at least "copy" pixel 3's camera setup. Then you would have probably the best phone in the market IMO. Small, no notch garbage, and powerfull.
  • By being disabled I mean it was replaced by a "long press", which activates a lot more accidentally for me. Having force touch meant I only activated it when I definitely wanted to, by purposely putting pressure on the screen. Whereas with a long press it's easy to accidentally do when you're getting ready to scroll, but haven't moved your finger yet, I guess it's something to get used to
  • Gotcha. Like I said. It’s been activating a lot lately so I guess that’s it. I never used force touch features so it’s no big loss. I guess that the long press is what’s activating Either way I’m excited to see the iPhone 9