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What you need to know

  • Apple has confirmed that iPhone SE handsets sold in India are Indian-made.
  • They're being made at Wistron's Bengaluru factory.
  • It's another example of Apple's suppliers moving beyond China.

Apple has confirmed that anyone buying an iPhone SE in India will be buying a handset that was also built in the country.

The confirmation came in a statement provided to The Times of India, with Apple noting that the iPhone SE is perfectly suited to the Indian market because of its size, price, and features.

In an official statement given to The Times of India-Gadgets Now, Apple said,"iPhone SE packs our most powerful chip into our most popular size at our most affordable price and we're excited to be making it in India for our local customers."

The iPhone SE is being built by Wistron at its Bengaluru plant, with the same location also responsible for iPhone 7 models that are still being produced. Other Indian factories are responsible for some iPhone XR and iPhone 11 production as well, with Apple's suppliers continuing their work to reduce their reliance on China. Foxconn has also made strides outside of China at the behest of Apple.

The report questions whether Apple's move to have iPhone SE handsets manufactured in China will reduce their price in the country. I'd wager that it won't.

Low Price/High Value

iPhone SE (2020)

iPhone SE (2020)

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Bottom line: If you've been waiting three years for Apple to update the Home button iPhone, your wait is over.

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