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What you need to know

  • A number of Apple Stores have the new MacBook Pro and 3rd generation AirPods in stock.
  • Online orders for the new devices could result in delivery as far out as November or December.
  • Stock is limited, however, so check your local store's inventory before you stop by.

You might be able to grab that new MacBook Pro or AirPods faster from your local Apple Store.

Today, Apple officially launched its new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro and 3rd generation AirPods online and in stores. While a number of customers are still waiting on their preorders to get delivered, other customers are finding that they might actually have better luck at their local Apple Store.

While delivery dates for the new MacBook Pro and AirPods are pushing out as far as November or even December, Apple has tried to get certain configurations into its stores as well. Inventory, however, does vary between MacBook Pro configurations. For example, my local Apple Store had base model configurations of the 14-inch and 16-inch in stock but some of the higher tier configurations were not available.

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If you already have a preorder in but it has not shipped, you could always cancel that order and place one for pickup at your local Apple Store. If the order is unable to be canceled, however, you'll either have to wait for your delivery or buy one at the store and then return the one that gets delivered.

The new MacBook Pro models contain the company's new M1 Pro and M1 Max processors, a mini-LED display, MagSafe charging, a new keyboard, and the return of a number of ports. It also announced new colors for the HomePod mini and a new subscription tier for Apple Music called the Voice plan.

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14 Inch Macbook Pro

14-inch MacBook Pro (2021)

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The 14-inch MacBook Pro (2021) comes with an M1 Pro or M1 Max SoC that's fast, secure, and available with the most memory and storage options. Did we mention that incredible display and that it comes with MagSafe?!

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